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    Who We Are:

    Full of Gumption, Style and Southern Charm™, L. Mae Boutique began as an online store in 2012 and opened the doors to our Pawleys Island flagship store in 2014. The Bohemian in the family, sister brand, Wild Mabel Clothing Co. opened in June of 2016. We have a loyal customer following that continues to grow exponentially. Our brands focus on a customer centric approach, attention to detail, quality product and great fashion.

    Our Fashion Marketing Internship Program focuses on creating captivating marketing campaigns that inspire customers while growing our brands.

    What Our Interns Do:

    As an intern, you will be working with our existing team to maintain and build brand awareness by:

    • Developing and executing marketing strategies across various communication channels including social and digital platforms.
    • Building and growing relationships with members of our local and online community by creating engaging content with the goal of increasing exposure, follow-ship, and overall engagement.
    • Co-managing influencer and ambassador programs to inspire new audiences.
    • Developing and managing pay-per-click marketing campaigns to grow e-commerce sales.
    • Conducting keyword research to optimize on-page SEO with the goal of increasing traffic to website.
    • Continuously improving campaigns by capturing and analyzing data, analytics, insights, and best practices - making necessary adjustments to improve return on investment.

    This internship will allow one to apply the skills and knowledge developed in a classroom setting while contributing to exciting, real-world projects. We accomplish this objective by providing a hands-on approach in-line with career goals, complementing academic work, and ultimately enhancing the overall learning experience.

    You'll Fit Right In If:

    • You are FUN!
    • You are an efficient, self-starter with a teachable attitude!
    • You are a creative-thinker, problem-solver and team-player!
    • Your are positive, driven and hard-working
    • You are someone with a passion for and an understanding of fashion, marketing, and media!
    • You are someone who is not only talented but ambitious and eager to learn!

    For more information or to discuss internship opportunities, contact us below.