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Yoga Girls' Night Out

Recently the L. Mae team had another Girls’ Night Out (check out our previous ones here and here)! This time we put on our workout gear and attended a yoga session together. We took an evening class at Island Wave Yoga and were taught by owner Jodi Ryba. Ryba instructed us in a beginners class that not only taught us the foundations of the physical positions in yoga but also about the mental wellness of Yoga. She led us in exercises that were calming and uplifting, emphasizing the essence of yoga: that who we are is enough and we all have the ability to be great.

After the class we chatted while snacking on dark chocolate, fruit, and vegetables and drinking hot tea. Reba informed us that exercising helps heighten your senses, so the flavor of foods like chocolate is enriched following a workout. Also, the best thing help the body unwind and settle down at the end of the day is a warm beverage, like tea. We left that night feeling refreshed and calm. Most of us had never tried yoga before, and came out motivated to do more. If you're in the area, definitely try out a class at the studio! 

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